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The FourBlock Podcast

Jan 18, 2022

This week, we’re honored to share an interview that FourBlock Founder Mike Abrams did with Dr. Mark Goulston for Dr. Goulston’s podcast, “My Wakeup Call,” where guests share how their own wake up calls changed their lives and changed how they would go on to spend the rest of their lives. During the conversation, Mike shares his personal experiences growing up, serving in the Marines, having a family of his own, and how the concept of service has been a constant throughout his life.

A Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches Member, Dr. Goulston coaches entrepreneurs, CEOS, chairs, managing directors, and other executives to become the best version of themselves. He is also an international keynote speaker helping audiences do the same.

Originally a UCLA professor of psychiatry for over 25 years, and a former FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer, Dr. Goulston’s expertise has been forged and proven in the crucible of real-life, high stakes situations. He is the author or co-author of nine books with his book, “Just Listen,” being translated into twenty-eight languages and becoming the top book on listening in the world. He is the host of the highly rated podcast, “My Wakeup Call” and the co-host of “Out of Our Minds and In Your Space” on Twitter Spaces, which is a mashup for creatives and thinkers.



Welcome to the FourBlock Podcast, a show that examines veteran career transition and the military-civilian divide in the workplace.

General Charles Krulak coined the term "Three Block War" to describe the nature of 21st-century military service defined by peace-keeping, humanitarian aid, and full combat.

But what happens next? Veterans are often unprepared to return home and begin new careers. We call this the Fourth Block. 

FourBlock is a national non-profit that has supported thousands of transitioning service members across the nation in beginning new and meaningful careers. 

Mike Abrams (@fourblock) is an Afghanistan veteran, founder of FourBlock, and author of two military transition books. He represents the military transition perspective.

Lindsey Pollak (@lindsaypollak) is a career and workplace expert and New York Times bestselling author of three career advice books. Lindsey represents the civilian perspective of this issue. 

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Podcast episodes are produced and edited by the Columbia University Center for Veteran Transition and Integration.